Pedo Base

Pedo Base

Greetings fellow Anons, Denmark Anons, World Anons, activists or simple citizens who seek the truth.

We have through times seen an increase in fellow humans who d0x pedos on all the big platforms, facebook,google+,instagram,even twitter. This is of coarse a noble doing. Anonymous only want to take this to a next level. PedoBase is our contribution. PedoBase contains all records of people who are judged by a judge in usa-courtrooms as pedophiles. This PedoBase contains 343,549 names and 89,259 addresses of people who have been in a trial for these crimes and been found guilty.. Its no secret, its just pedos..

So pedos:
Expect us…

Pedo Files

File 1
File 2

#OpPurge #OpDeathEaters #OpPedoHunt


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