We come to you with a story of a loyal anonymous supporter in Romania.
Have courage like Dragos to stand up for what is right. Though it cost us everything. Our very lives. We must stand up in the face of evil and tyranny. And demand justice.
Operation Expose Romanian Corruption Engaged.

English transcript
Romanian transcript

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Links for Dragos:
Dragos Court Case
Dragos Green Energy
Dragos Social Media

‘Prime Minister Emil Boc expressed the interest of the Romanian government
in attracting investors…’ More here.
Romania: Protests against proposal to pardon prisoners
Big Protests in Romania Against Amnesty Bill
Corruption and Abuses of Romanian Justice

Corrupted Persons Involved:
CUI 22345817
Sediul (adresa):Bd. Timisoara, Nr. 49, Bl. Cc6, Sc. A, Et. 7, Ap. 27, Sector 6, Bucuresti, Tel. 0721.312.810; 0722.312.810;, Fax 021.440.25.10;
Former persecutors
Email: ioanitescut@yahoo.com

Adrian Danica
CNP 1620923400031
Strada Judetului Nr. 15 Bl,17 Sc 3 Et 2 Apt 80

Raiciu Mihai
CNP 1520508400738
CUI 23657205
Strada Judetului Nr. 15 Bl,17 Sc.2 Apt. 64
Home phone 0212425668

Monica Tudor
Worked at Intact Media Group

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