Though the race war did not officially start until 2014, it had been brewing for a long time.  There have been a great many operations carried out to protect those who are unjustly persecuted (see some listed below).  In November of 2012, Cleveland police fired 137 rounds at a car, killing its two unarmed occupants, Timothy Ray Russell and Malissa Williams.  Yes.  The TWO occupants were of African descent, while the police pigs were white. American Patriots.  This type of over-kill can be seen every day in American News, thanks to Obama’s militarization of the Police. This is what Obama’s reign produced. Hate and division and violence.

Anonymous does not tolerate racism.  Nothing is more preposterous than hating someone based on how they were born. None of us can choose that.  That is why there is only one race: HUMAN.  We are all part of it. There is no separation.

Anonymous waited for justice to follow, but there is no justice without Anonymous intervention. So, in April 2013 Anonymous released the dox of the officers involved and hacks have ensued. OpPigRoast Engaged.

“On November 29, 2012, the system failed everyone.”


East Cleveland police, who are investigating the incident that ended in their city with the shooting deaths of Russell and passenger Malissa Williams, say Cleveland police dispatchers identified ran the license plate for Russell during the course of a 25-minute chase through Cleveland, Bratenahl and East Cleveland.
Russell, who would have turned 44 on Dec. 9, and Williams, 30, died in a torrent of gunfire as 13 Cleveland police officers fired 137 rounds when the chase came to an end near an East Cleveland school. All 13 officers have been placed on paid leave.


The autopsy reports for the decedents were obtained from the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office. A review of those documents revealed the following information:

The cause of death for Timothy R. Russell was determined to be multiple (23) gunshot wounds of the head and neck, torso, and extremities with skeletal, vascular and visceral injuries. The manner of death was ruled homicide. The toxicology report indicated that Russell was positive for Ethanol (0.131 g/dL), as well for cocaine and nicotine.

The cause of death for Melissa [Malissa] A. Williams was determined to be multiple (24) gunshot wounds of the head, neck, trunk, and left arm with multiple visceral, vascular, and skeletal injuries. The manner of death was ruled homicide. The toxicology report indicated that Williams was positive for cocaine, Cannabinoids (marijuana) and nicotine.

At least four of the 13 Cleveland police officers whom officials say were involved in last week’s deadly car chase have a history of violent confrontation.

Police Chase Ends in Slaughter

In all, 137 rounds were fired, leaving Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell Jr. dead.

1300 Ontario St Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 623-5000
FaceBook Page
Cleveland Police Districts
Cuyahogacounty Prosecutor

We demand this Investigation Not end until ALL Officers involved are held accountable for their actions.

FEBRUARY 5, 2013

Released Reports, Investigative Documents on Cleveland Officer-Involved Shooting.

Victim Malissa Williams Arrest /Criminal Record

PDF File To Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation PROSECUTOR’S SUMMARY

PDF Files To ALL Involved In this Case.

===========JUSTICE SHALL BE SERVED===========

1. Officer Michael Farley #409 (4 Shots)

2. Detective William Salupo Jr. #1969 (2 Shots)

3. Officer Wilfredo Diaz #350 (4 Shots)

4. Officer Brian M Sabolik #1021 (4 Shots)

5. Detective Erin O’Donnell #1027 (12 Shots)

6. Officer Paul D Box #2526 (1 Shot/ Shotgun)

7. Detective Michael P Demchak #1621 (4 Shots)

8. Detective Christopher Ereg #767 (6 Shots)

9. Officer Michael J Brelo #416 (Approximately 49 Shots)

10. Officer Scott E. Sistek #1395 (12 Shots)

11. Officer Randy Patrick #1580 (9 Shots)

The Cleveland Police Department officers who were involved in this shooting in our opinion Did Not act in a manner that was appropriate.
This entire situation went on for almost a half hour and ended in the Tragic death of 2 Unarmed civilians.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
We Hope this serves as a message that those involved should seek further Investigation and punishment for their Unlawful Actions.


OpPigRoast Continues:

On June 10, 2015, Ryan Bolinger Murdered by Des Moines Cop for “Walking with a purpose”.

On April 27, 2014, Boone County Sheriff’s Officer Tyler Brockman, murdered a girl for driving away from him. He deliberately jumped on top of her car to make the shooting look justified.

Ferguson Missouri Here.
Officer Go-Fuck-Yourself Here.
Hunt County Texas Here.
Tuscon, Arizona Here.
Ohio PD Here.

List of OpPigRoast Operations and Police Executions

“Today we bring you a juicy 0-Day exploit affecting U.S. police forces nationwide.  It allows for the simple identification and d0xing of entire police departments.  While we have been aware of this exploit since 2002, we have traded it only in private, out of fear of its abuse.
The recent actions of the Albuquerque police department, the revelations of Edward Snowden, and the crackdown on the Occupy movement were all events that brought us to release this exploit publicly.  
It is powerful because it will force a sense of accountability that is lacking. We can turn the tide.
Join us.  Activist organizations, act upon this exploit before the government patches it.  Community organizations, open government advocates, and freedom lovers – stand against any attempt to limit our open and democratic access to government data in the name of false security.  Datalovers, seed it far and wide. “

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