Monsanto is much more than GMOs, they always were, leaving toxic waste grounds in their wake for decades that they have refused to clean.

Operation mission is to raise the profile of the crimes committed across societies STATE and CORPORATE CRIMES that have either gone unpunished or a slap on the wrist as restitution.

We aim to show the world MONSANTO is our and our planets worst enemy. Infertility, cancer and suicides and more across the world. We also aim to educate the masses on Monsanto’s criminal and poisonous history and give voice to those who can no longer speak. To raise awareness of the evils that Monsanto and its subsidiaries have and continue to cause worldwide.

For over a century, Monsanto has been poisoning the planet and the communities in which it has had factories. Over time, and with the help of governments the local communities that have had to live with the toxic and dangerous effects of Monsanto has widened worldwide. Polychlorinated By phenols (PCBs) and Agent Orange are just two of the toxic and deadly chemicals that have been produced by Monsanto in which people are still living with the harmful effects and Monsanto has never been held accountable and refuse to take responsibility for the deaths and illnesses caused. The United States government, who collaborated with and sanctioned the company to create toxins such as Agent Orange for the purposes of chemical weapons to be used in war, has ignored the hundreds of thousands of people harmed by their actions worldwide.

Monsanto has moved from producing toxic chemicals for war to toxic agricultural chemicals, including the most widely known producers of GMOs and pesticides such as RoundUp. They are also responsible for chemical testing in 3rd world communities, and the list goes on. The amount of cases hidden from public knowledge in the US alone of toxic wastegrounds left for our children to play in contaminated dirt and streams for countless decades is unknown, because of the influence that Monsanto holds within the United States and the amount of money they have to ‘defend’ themselves.

This is just the beginning.

“The attack was conducted 28th October 2015 under the banner of operation OpMonsanto in which NAL, a subdomain of the official website of the U.S. Department of Agriculture was under attack. Anonymous hackers behind this attack are the same guys who hacked a South African government contractor for OpMonsanto in August 2015.”  –Hackread

More Here and Here.

This is a list of Monsanto Subsidiaries.

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