Anonymous has many operations for Justice, exposing abuse and murder of our youth, our future.  Tom Boden was exposed  See more injustice towards youth here and here. Anonymous fight to protect and secure the future of humanity. Damage of the Innocent is not tolerated.

Thomas Boden, you have mutilated, raped and forever scarred a child, Annabelle, for life. For these horrendous crimes you should be killed slowly. However, since the United States of America and especially Texas so obviously condones such behavior, we will do our best to destroy the rest of your life.

Years ago, Barbara and Kenny Atkinson were never convicted because it would be “too traumatic” for an 8 year old to testify in court. But the court found no trauma in her being raped and tortured for years on end. The DA himself acknowledged the law he ignored, labels Thomas Boden as a 3G offender. This, DA Jason Ferguson, as you stated yourself, would give Thomas 99 years in prison plus other sentences. You did not mention that Texas law also states first offenders for child rape get minimum sentence of 25 years up to and including life imprisonment without parole according to this Texas Law NOT being upheld: Chapter 14 Article 7A.

Jason Ferguson, Anonymous recognizes you as an accomplice in child rape. You have betrayed the citizens you are sworn to protect. If you, Jason, were raped, torn open, penetrated over and over, bleeding, suffocated by your own shirt because the piece of shit couldn’t even have the guts to look at you while he stole everything from you, writhing in agony, screaming so loud it was silent ringing in your ears, unable to breathe, unable to see, speak, hear, or feel because all that there is is the pain. Would you mind if someone gave you justice then? When your bleeding out, after he left you like trash he was finished with, shaking in agony, your mind tearing itself apart inside your head, screaming and crying. No one to hold of comfort you. Not knowing what even happened. Is it then, still too much to ask for justice? Too “Tough” to handle seeing a vicious, soulless, coward be put away? We can only hope he dies soon and painfully. You are no better than him. You are worse. You have the ability, the education, the position to help people. To stand up for innocence and defend children. America: where rapists roam free.

Abusers of Children have been realized. Anonymous has recognized you and rest assured we will not stop. You will be watched. Take care what you do. Be warned. We will be watching every move you make for the rest of your life.

To the abused:

We are watching. We are fighting for you. We love you. You have not gone unnoticed. You are not alone. Please come to us if you need help. We will get attention and help brought to you.

Expect us.

See more research done on this Here and Here.

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