OpJustice: Rehtaeh Parsons

OpJustice: Rehtaeh Parsons

Anonymous’ ongoing operations of “OpJustice”, involved one Rehtaeh Parsons.  Rehtaeh was a 15 year old Cole Harbour District High School student when she was gang raped, photographed, and for years bullied and harassed by her school for it.  The disgusting actions of all of those involved, whether physically or verbally, were not brought to justice by the proper authorities.  As Anonymous sees time and time again, those who call themselves Law Enforcement do not protect children. On April 4, 2013, after battling for her human rights and dignity for 3 years, Rehtaeh Parsons committed suicide.  Anonymous held peaceful protests outside the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters in Halifax and vowed to release the names of the rapists who murdered her in one of the cruelest ways imaginable.  Anonymous does not tolerate bullies. Anonymous protects the innocent…like you should be.

Anonymous engaged #OpJustice4Rehtaeh this morning in response to the suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons. Justice Minister Ross Landy says that it is important for Nova Scotians to have faith in their justice system. Mr. Landy, justice is in your hands. Anonymous has confirmed the identities of two of the four alleged rapists. We are currently confirming a third and it is only a matter of time before the fourth is identified as well. Our demands are simple: We want the N.S. RCMP to take immediate legal action against the individuals in question.
We encourage you to act fast. If we were able to locate these boys within 2 hours, it will not be long before someone else finds them.
We do not approve of vigilante justice as the media claims. That would mean we approve of violent actions against these rapists at the hands of an unruly mob. What we want is justice. And That’s your job. So do it. The names of the rapists will be kept until it is apparent you have no intention of providing justice to Retaeh’s family. Please be aware that there are other groups of Anons also attempting to uncover this information and they may not to wish to wait at all. Better act fast. Be aware that we will be organizing large demonstrations outside of your headquarters. The rapists will be held accountable for their actions. You will be held accountable for your failure to act. That is all.
We Are Anonymous.
The Corrupt Fear Us.
The Honest Support Us.
The Heroic Join Us.
Expect Justice.

4/11 Statement:

Since yesterday morning several teams of investigators have been working to dissect the events surrounding the rape, harassment and suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons.

What we have learned is certainly appalling, but it wasn’t the act of rape that shocked us. It was the behavior of the adults in Rehtaeh’s life that we found most disturbing. Let’s set aside for a moment the compassion they should have shown as human beings and just focus on the responsibilities they had as professionals. We’re talking about the school teachers, administrators, the police and prosecutors, those who should have been role models in the late Rehtaeh’s life.

To begin, Ross Landry’s reversal of his decision not investigate this case after a media blitz is clearly an indication that his sudden interest is purely an act of public relations damage-control. You should be really ashamed of yourself. In contrast to your statements your actions are not genuine and your patronizing attention is unappreciated. Ross, you have zero class. We encourage you to get it together.

Now, it took us only a few hours to identify the boys that assaulted Rehtaeh. This wasn’t some high-tech operation that involved extracting private messages from someone’s Facebook account. Dozens of e-mails were sent to us by kids and adults alike, most of whom had personal relationships with the rapists. Many recalled confessions made by these boys blatantly in public where they detailed the rape of an inebriated 15-year-old girl. Recent statements by police and prosecutors that there simply wasn’t enough evidence to make a single arrest should be viewed solely as an admission of incompetence on their part. This wasn’t “he said, she said.” He said he did it and he said it to everyone while showing them a photo of him doing it. Every officer that signed off on this “no evidence” conclusion should be guarding the entrance to a petting zoo for the remainder of their careers. We’re afraid to ask if anyone even bothered to check the EXIF data on the rape/child pornography being openly shared by hundreds of students throughout your community.

The way the story is told, time and time again, these sad little boys had no fear whatsoever about admitting publicly their crimes and even spreading photographic evidence of it. Why were they unafraid? They believed no one was ever going to do anything to stop them and they were right. For this we point our fingers at the Cole Harbour school system. It is truly disturbing that this level of bullying could happen in one of your schools without you noticing. Worse, child porn was apparently viral in your halls and you had no clue. That was the excuse your staff repeated on the news yesterday wasn’t it, that you didn’t know. Well, it’s your job to know. If the administration of that school had any honor they would all resign for failing to meet the terms of their employment.

All of you have created a mess and instead of taking responsibility and cleaning it up, the first thing you did yesterday morning was get on television and defend your jobs. You have taught the young men in your community a terrible lesson: rape is easy.

And just to clear things up once and for all for the young men in Nova Scotia who are unlikely to hear this from any of their role models: vomiting drunk girls are not capable of giving you consent to have sex with them. That kind of sex is called rape. It isn’t really sex at all. If that’s the only way you can laid, you are pathetic and should stick to quietly sobbing while fondling yourselves in the dark until hopefully the day comes when some woman you probably don’t deserve pities you enough to teach you how to act like a real man.

At this time we can honestly say we’re confident we know the identities of the people involved in Rehtaeh’s rape. It would probably take us a lot longer to come up with a list of the people responsible for her death. We hope you all find some way to sleep at night.

See you Sunday.

– Anonymous.



Greetings from Anonymous.

Please be aware of the following facts:

1) One of the alleged rapists has made several public statements admitting that he did have sex with Raetaeh on the night in question. He admits she was inebriated at the time, also that she was throwing up during the act.

2) During his confession, he names three other boys and admits that they too took turns having sex with Rahtaeh that night as well. The names match with those we have confirmed during our investigation.

3) The individual making this confession is the same boy identified in the photograph. He has also admitted to being in the photograph and named the accomplice who took the picture.

4) All information, including screenshots of the confession, have been made available to the police.

5) Two boys have been implicated repeatedly whom we believe are innocent based on numerous testimonies given by individuals with first hand knowledge of the surrounding events.

6) There are multiple witnesses who were classmates of the alleged rapists that can confirm they were shown the photograph of Rehtaeh by them.

7) At the very least, there was a house with a minimum of half a dozen underage students consuming alcohol and engaging in sexual intercourse. What happened in this house resulting in the spread of child pornography. This much the police will agree to. No charges have been filed in regards to this.

Why is Anonymous involved in this case? We are involved because the facts above clearly illustrate that several crimes have been committed in Nova Scotia. A 17-year-old girl killed herself because the police failed to do their jobs and charge a single person for any of them.

Is it necessary for Anonymous to be involved in this case? Yes. For a moment lets set aside the theatrics, the masks and the labels. We are group of concerned citizens that have recognized an injustice in the system. We have taken it upon ourselves to point out that injustice to the public and we are asking the police to correct their incompetent handling of this case–a young girl has already died from it.

An image of a 15-year-old girl having sex was viral in Cole Harbour District High School. Neither the school nor the police dispute this. By legal definition that image was child pornography. By some estimates, hundreds of individuals have already seen the photograph, including many adults. The police have seen the photograph. The fact that this evidence was disregarded as inappropriate for any kind of arrest by the police is unconscionable.

What the police are saying to the citizens of Nova Scotia is clear: Having underage students drinking and having sex in your home is not a crime in our community. Photographs of 15-year-old girls having sex is not child pornography, but if it is, the distribution of that child pornography is not a crime. A 15-year-old girl is capable of giving her consent to sex even after she is inebriated to the point that she vomits while hanging out of a window–it is not sexual assault.

We urge the RCMP to act like guardians , set the proper example for the young men of Nova Scotia and send a clear message: This behavior will not be tolerated in our communities. The women and young girls of Nova Scotia should not have to live in fear or be forced to hide evidence of a rape because they will be called whores.

As we have previously warned, the identities of these individuals have already began to circulate online independent of our own actions. We have done our best to keep those names from being released. Two young men are being implicated in a crime we know they did not commit. Is it illegal for us to release their identities and let the world know that they are innocent? What justice will be made available to them once their names are slandered throughout the world and for all time?

It is not for the police to decide the facts presented here do not constitute a crime. That is the responsibility of a jury. A claim of sexual assault has been made. There is photographic evidence of it. There is an admission that child pornography was distributed throughout the community. One of the individuals who should be charged hasn’t even disputed these facts. We are asking–no, we are demanding: Let a jury decide. Follow your own procedures and protect the innocent.

We do not seek vigilante justice. If those who we believe are guilty are exonerated in a court of law, Anonymous will disappear from Nova Scotia.

We are Anonymous
We are legion.
The honest support us.
The corrupt fear us.
The heroic join us.
Expect us.


After Anonymous was contacted by Rehtaeh’s Parents to intervene, they found and released the names of the rapists. The court judge, rather than conducting Justice, put out a ban on the use of Rehtaeh’s name!

The Names of Rehtaeh’s Rapists and Murderers Are: Hunter Shippien, Cole Shippien, Kyle Brimicombe and Adam Barnes.


“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -MLK Jr.

Greetings from Anonymous,

This year a provincial court judge in Halifax issued a publication ban on using Rehtaeh Parsons’ name in connection with the child pornography charges laid upon her assailants. Charges to which the two accused have since pled guilty. This publication ban is intended to protect the integrity and identity of the victim, which this system has already failed to do. Instead, this ban serves only to protect her attackers and the police, government and school officials who contributed to this tragic and lethal situation. This ban prevents Canadians and citizens world wide from having the necessary and change effecting conversations we need to have to create a safer atmosphere for our children in regards to rape, harassment, bullying and suicide.

Tomorrow, December 9th Rehtaeh Parsons’ would have turned 19. There are many ways that we, as a country can honor her memory but the most powerful way is by creating CHANGE in her name for girls just like her!

Some amazing and life changing things are occurring in her name and it’s time to move past this unnecessary and silencing publication ban.

We are asking that every Canadian who believes in the importance of her story email our Justice Minister, Lena Metlege Diab and request that she use her authority to veto prosecution against Canadians in breaching the ban on using Rehtaeh Parsons’ name when discussing or reporting on the tragedy of her story and the child porn charges against her attackers. Post this message to the FB page of the Dept. of Justice and on your own timeline.

They can NOT prosecute a nation, so use your voice to speak up about this injustice.

Below you will find pre-made email to copy and paste to Lena Metlege Diab and any appropriate hashtags should you wish to use your own words. You will also find a link to the petition to Minister Metlege Diab. Please sign and share it.



Email Address:
JUSTMIN@novascotia.ca – Attorney General and Minister of Justice

E-mail text:

Dear Ms. Metlege Diab, I am asking you to use the powers granted to you by the Public Prosecutions Act.
As Attorney General of Nova Scotia, you have the power to order the Public Prosecution Service of Nova Scotia to not prosecute any violations of the publication ban in the Rehtaeh Parsons case. Most Nova Scotians do not want this ban. We want to use her name freely in some important discussions we are having about sexual consent, cyber-bullying and suicide prevention.
Please do not prosecute the Chronicle Herald. Please issue a pronouncement saying you will not prosecute people who publish Rehtaeh’s name in connection with the court case.
This ban does not protect her. It silences her. Please do the right thing. If you can’t be convinced that this is the right thing, then follow the votes. This will be the most popular decision you will ever make.
Yours truly,

Twitter: @LenaDiabMLA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeCanadaEn?fref=ts – Dept of Justice

We are Anonymous
We are legion.
The honest support us.
The corrupt fear us.
The heroic join us.
Expect us.


Glen Canning, father of Rehtaeh Parsons, believes the actions of Anonymous prompted Halifax police to reopen their investigation and eventually lay charges.  Anonymous IS Justice.  Justice can not be given from the hands of those who are paid.

Rest in Peace, sweet child.

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