On October 1, 2014 Operation HongKong was initiated.


hong kong

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Hong Kong has long been trying to gain independence from China and form a democracy.  China would not allow this and was passing even more restrictive laws on Hong Kong.  What started off, on 22 September 2014, as a group of students, sitting in the sidewalk outside of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (puns intended), grew into large and successful peaceful protests. Protesters gathered in greater numbers and sat in the streets and main intersections, blocking both east–west arterial routes in northern Hong Kong.  The people of Hong Kong joined together in massive amounts, numbering over 100,000 at any given time…and as proof of their strength and victory, the police were militarized and sent in. So far 1 person has been killed, 1 accidental death, and 9 suicides.  People must be free.

By October 2014, the protests had gained so much attention that Anonymous decided to get it’s beak wet. A massive DDOS of Hong Kong Government sites and releases of emails and more, was organized and carried out.

“We Remind anyone servicing the Gov of China and HongKong elites to get ready. #OpHK”.

Greetings citizens of the world,
We are Anonymous.
We have pledged our help to our brothers and sisters protesting for democracy in Hong Kong. We hope that so far you enjoyed our fireworks. We have leaked the usernames and passwords of Chinese Government sites, brought siege to Chinese government servers and helped build support and understanding through social media. We have now declared cyber war on the Government of China.  You should have expected this.
We have taken these actions to support our brothers and sisters on the streets of the Central Hong Kong District. We wish to make it very clear that we have not and will not target any education, medias or pro-democracy organizations.
 To the people of China, we are not against you. Indeed we hope that this will foster a peaceful debate on the future of democracy in China. But Hong Kong aspirations for freedom, it’s desire for holding it’s own elections and govern itself  cannot be silenced.
We have seen the treatment of the peaceful protesters by the local authorities.  We will not stand by idle when this violence against the protestors is happening. We will continue to launch our attacks on government infrastructures and leak information. We will use all of our available resources to fight those injustices until peaceful negotiations between the protesters and the government officials have resumed.
Pro-Democracy Protesters of Hong Kong you are not alone. We cannot be there in person but know that we support you and your peaceful actions. Your courage and determination are inspiring and motivate us daily to work on your behalf.
Citizens of the world, we invite you to join us in support of the Pro Democracy Protesters in their fight for a free Hong Kong. Show your support for the Protesters anyway you feel you can. There are many ways in which you  can support #OpHongKong that do not involve sophisticated technical  skills, but just the courage to stand in solidarity with the people of  Hong Kong. One of the easiest is to use the social medias to let the  world know what is happening. Every tweets, every posts help.
We are Anonymous
We are a Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget

Government of China, You Should have Expected Us

More Targets Here and Here and Here and Here.

Anonymous took down several sites in orchestrated attacks, but this operation is ongoing, as are the protests in Hong Kong.

In 2016 more attacks were carried out, and they continue today.


Anonymous stands for Human Rights. We all have the right to freedom.  We all have the right to peacefully gather. We all have the right to live unabused, unterrorized, untrampled by those who deem themselves on a separate level than equal to us. #OpHongKong “OpHK

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