In 2014, Anonymous Brazil declared protest of social injustices surrounding the World Cup through a series of DDoS and website defacement attacks. Having made 141 attacks since the start of the World Cup, it was first tweeted in reference to one of their most recent attacks on the Brazilian Federal Police.  As usual, cybersecurity concerns at the World Cup, and other large sporting events, ensued.  On Facebook, Anonymous Brasil dropped user names and passwords along with a link to the Brazilian Federal Police website login page, claiming to have retrieved operations-related documents as well as email exchanges. This operation then morphed into #OpOlympicHacking.

” Anonymous is planning a cyber attack against the sponsors of the World “

The group of ‘ hacktivists ‘ Anonymous is developing a cyber attack against the sponsors of the World Cup in Brazil.

The attack took place in protest against the enormous waste in a country where all citizens have access to basic services, explained a hacker quoted by Reuters.

“We have already checked which pages are most vulnerable and made ​​plan of attack. This time we aim sponsoring the World ” , was such a Che Commodore via Skype from an undisclosed location in Brazil.

When asked about potential targets , said Adidas, the Emirates , Coca -Cola and Budweiser airlines .

The agency was unable to ascertain the identity of Che Commodore and whether its links with Anonymous are real.

This week, hackers broke into the email system of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign and decentralized collective Anonymous published 333 documents extracted from that system.

The documents include a summary of the conversations between several Brazilian officials and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during the latter’s visit to the Latin American country in May 2013 , as well as a list of sports ministers who plan to go to the World.

“The [hack] attacks will be directed against official websites and those of companies sponsoring the cup…these attacks will most likely take the form of DDoS attacks.”

“We have a plan of attack…We have already conducted late-night tests to see which of the sites are more vulnerable… This time we are targeting the sponsors of the World Cup”

Anonymous prepared cyber-attacks on corporate sponsors of the World Cup in Brazil to protest the spending of money on soccer games instead of public services.


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