Operation TitStorm

Operation TitStorm

The Australian government announced that they would start censoring Internet sites in 2010. As Anonymous stands against censorship, they launched a DDoS attack on Australian government websites. This is the main form of attack Anonymous do, as it is undamaging.  As with all operations, OpTitStorm saw a flood of email spamming, prank phone calls, and junk faxes. Sites were down for two days, but officials claimed they were not concerned.

This is anonymous.

Dear Prime minister Rudd and Senator Stephen Conroy as you’re advisers have informed you anonymous has launched operation tit storm against the Australian government in protest to your governments attempts to implement a “clean feed” in Australia to censor freedom of speech as is done in china.

Prime minister Rudd, we are not the enemy, we are like you, concerned about pedophiles using the internet for disgusting purposes however, history teaches us that when government starts with the noblest of ideas, it always ends with less liberties for the masses and this we can not abide.

Senator Stephen Conroy, anonymous believes you have no understanding of the matters in which you are charged with making laws for. if the blacklists that you wish to implement are banned materials and unable to be viewed, books, movies etc then why must the list they are on be kept secret from the public?

Are you afraid senator that the Australian public will find out when you or your government use the blacklists to stop genuine political discussion that you do not like?

The Australian people have an implied right to freedom of speech senator, its in you’re constitution. Anonymous will continue operation titstorm until our demands are met.

1. the Australian government to cease any and all further plans for a clean feed or blacklists.
2. senator Stephen Conroy to resign.
3. public announcements in full view of all the Australian public of both demands one and two.

Martin Luther king junior once said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. anonymous believes censorship anywhere is a threat to freedom of speech everywhere. you may silence some of us but not all.

We are strong while you are weak.
Anonymous is an idea and ideas can not be stopped.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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