Operation NSA

Operation NSA

In 2013, Anonymous targeted the National Security Agency and other U.S. Government Organizations for their spying on the internet activity of all Americans and their censorship of free press on the internet (World Wide).

Greetings Anonymous and greetings fellow Americans.
Many of you are already well aware of the NSA’s unconstitutional data collection and Surveillance program, PRISM.

However, there are many who yet fail to see the real danger that is posed from such Unthinkable actions being carried out by our government. Each passing day that we the people allow such tyranny to go unchecked. Is precious Time lost to ensure that our civil liberties and freedoms are not ripped away from us Entirely.  As Anonymous has exposed in recent media under Operation NSA,
It is plain to see that our government has and will continue to lie, construe and otherwise try and cover up their illegitimate attempts at taking away our very rights as citizens of this country.

There are those who would claim that they are not concerned if our government is collecting their personal data because they have nothing to hide. Sadly, those who would give this reasoning are not seeing the bigger picture that goes far beyond what they personally may or may not be comfortable sharing. Privacy plays a greater role in our overall freedom than most seem to remember.
Let us take a brief look at a darker part of our world history.

February 28th, 1933. The German government, under the pretense of controlling the Communists, abolished individual rights and protections: Freedom of the press, assembly, and expression were nullified, as well as the right to privacy.

On March 5th, when the elections were held, the Nazi’s received nearly 44 percent of the vote, and with 8 percent offered by the Conservatives, won a majority in the government. The Nazis moved swiftly to consolidate their power into a dictatorship.
The number of lives lost to the Nazi war machine totals over six million deaths. More than one million of those deaths being that of children.  Persecuted, under the banner of the very governments sworn to protect them.  It is with this bitter part of our world history, that the bigger picture begins to become clearer.  The holocaust, happened to people just like us and not so long ago. It begins with the abolishing of our freedoms, the destruction of our very rights. This is not a potential threat that Anonymous is attempting to warn you of, this is an unthinkable act being carried out as you sit and listen to this message.

It has already begun….

There is no more time left to sit and ponder what action we will take, America. We have been idle for too long… a new age has dawned and under this one banner, This one idea.

We can and do stand united.  It is time to raise our voices as one…
It is time to tell those who would see us fall, that we will remain standing. For every one of us that is silenced, ten more will raise our voices even louder; Until our voice is so loud that it simply can not be ignored. Men, women and children have died for the very freedoms that our government is trying to take from us. We can not and MUST not allow them to succeed; lest all that has been fought for be in vain.

Do not forgive, do not forget. We are all Anonymous and we CAN. correct the system failure. We must unite and stand together before it is too late.  Do this. For the love of your family. For the love of your friends and of your country.  Do NOT let this once magnificent country that our forefather’s founded and fought for remain a fragment of its former glory any longer.
You have asked what it is you can do to stop this.

Anonymous has answered.

The revolution is now, brothers and sisters!
You are all a part of it. The fate of this country rests in our hands.
Will you do nothing? will you say nothing?
Or will you unite with us. as this one voice?
The choice is now yours. To go silently into the night and remain asleep,
Or to awaken and answer the call.

This is our time. A time for freedom. We are taking it back.  We are too many to be stopped.  Our spirits too strong to be broken.
We will rise victorious.  Remember, Remember. The fifth of November.  The Government treason and plot.  We know of no reason, Why the Government treason, Should ever. Be. Forgot.

___     ___     ___     ___    ___     ___     ___     ___

Greetings, NSA.
Thanks to the actions of Edward Snowden the world is now aware of your absurdly intrusive and elaborate monitoring agenda. Every Verizon user. Every Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter account. Every Yahoo!, Bing and Google search result. Every Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome and Apple Mac operating system. Every Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer web broswer. Every Paypal and Google Wallet transaction. Every Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo e-mail. Every bit of content in iCloud, Dropbox, Drive and Skydrive. Every AOL, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk instant message. Every Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts and Talk call. Every Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Tumblr and Youtube media.

All are victims to your illegitimate counter-terrorism measures. Spying on over 120 million people , including innocent citizens of your own nations, was not a good idea as you will come to understand soon enough.

We will now be commencing “Operation National Security Agency” in retaliation of your disrespect for the privacy of people worldwide. You cannot expect to covertly spy on people who have done nothing wrong under the guise of preemptively fighting terrorism when you failed to stop the Boston bombing and expect consent. You are of no use to anyone except those in power and who wish to keep it, at the expense of every citizen’s privacy that they are entitled to under the Constitution of which you show no respect for. OpNSA will be unforgiving in its work and will leave no stone unturned, just as you do for all of us. As of this moment, people around the world are beginning to wake up and, consequently, stand up to your data mining agenda. You will soon understand for yourselves what it is like to be spied on and your personal information be stored, available for all to gaze upon.

We are officially calling on all citizens of the Internet, all Anonymous participants and all activists to take to their computers, take to their streets and take to all available outlets to let their voices be heard on this issue. Violations like this WILL not be treated with apathy. Anonymous has been proven to be a powerful force for good, and even more so, a nemesis to tyranny and injustice. You thought you could infringe on our privacy. You thought you could wiretap people who have no reason to be observed. But best of all, you thought you could get away with all of it.

The NSA will lose the game.
All your base will belong to us.
We are Anonymous We are Legion We do not forgive We do not forget Expect us.

___     ___     ___     ___    ___     ___     ___     ___

Anonymous continued on, releasing data and hacking websites:

In accordance with phase II of #OpNSA we have found you, Senator Feinstein, GUILTY#~

Of supporting unconstitutional acts carried out by the Government and its agencies.#~
Although the opinion of the FISA court that oversees the National Security Agency’s operations is often not released
to the public, we are now making it known to the public. While the public may have been kept in the dark; you, Senator Feinstein were fully aware of the FISA court’s two thousand and eleven opinion. Eighty pages detailing how the#~ National Security Agency’s surveillance conduct is in direct violation of the fourth amendment of the United States#~ Constitution as well as in excess of the limitations imposed by the statute: The FISA amendments act of two thousand#~ and eight. When you told the American people that you have no knowledge of the National Security Agency’s Surveillance Program, PRISM, of violating anyone’s civil liberties or freedoms:#~

You were lying.#~

Today the first strand of the virus has been identified.#~

Here is the information you, the people need to know to address the system failure.
Californian State Senator Dianne Feinstein has received over $698,244 from NSA affiliates in political donations, since the formation of PRISM in 2007.

These relationships go back much longer than that however, and will continue to do so. These donations come from organizations such as BAE Systems, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Raytheon, General Dynamics, QualComm, L-3 Communications, Palantir and Lockheed Martin. She also voted in favor of the PATRIOT act in two thousand and eleven and sits on various committees as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  Member of the Subcommittee on Department of Defense, Member of the Subcommittee on Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, and a Member of the Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law amongst many others.

___     ___     ___     ___    ___     ___     ___     ___

Greetings to you, congressional representative Charles Albert “Dutch” Ruppersberger the third of Maryland 2nd district.
We Are Anonymous.

Your conduct has not gone UN-noticed by us and the time has come to address grave concerns we have, with your interests & activities. We Are Legion. And our eyes are upon you.

In accordance with phase II of operation N.S.A we have been paying caring careful attention to your public financial disclosure statements. Along with your voting record and have found you guilty of treachery as a ranking member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence. And one of the gang of eight U.R task, with protecting the American people from threats to security from both foreign and domestic, while scurrility defending the rights of the American people, despite the fact that you un-voted the protect America act of 2007 – Which made the PRISM program possible.

You voted for the extension of fisa & the patriot act of 2011, and worst of all you are responsible for co-introducing the cyber intelligence sharing & protection act. Also known as cispa along with permanents select committee on intelligence chairmen. And fellow gang of eight member, representative Micheal rogers the republican congressman from Michigan in introducing CISPA voting in support of the corroding warrant less wiretapping. And failing to protest the clearly unconstitutional PRISM program, of which you were undoubtedly aware due to your membership in the gang of eight, you have failed to protect the rights of the citizenry while accepting political contributions from affiliates from the PRISM program. As well as from defense contractors in the business of reviving satellite surveillance and drone technology, that of be, and will continue to be. Used against citizens of the united states. Do you not see the inherit conflict of interest in this?

Anonymous does, and we are extremely displeased.

Your campaign committedly to ship pack hammered acceptances of $320,700 dollars in political contribution. From Lockheed martin, Raytheon, comcast corporation, general dynamics and Northrop grumman. In fact during the course of your career you have accepted in total: 600,000 dollars from defense contractors choosing clearly the interests of the military industrial complex. And it’s growing culture of domestic surveillance, as well as affiliates from PRISM’s domestic spying program. Over the constitutional protected rights of the American people. As a member of the, gang of eight you are in nearly good position of being briefed as required by federal law on every intelligence operation and initiative undertaken by federal government for the purposes of legislative oversight. There is, there for, no way that you are unaware of the abuses of PRISM or of the 86 page opinion by the fisa corp outlining what they believed to be a gross of the abuse of the 4th amendment tries of the American people, as well as the fact that warrantless collection of data upon those not immediately believed to be in connection with a national security issue. Such as in this permanent warrantless wiretapping or mass data mining exceeded the scope of the 2008 fisa amendments and are therefore unconstitutional.

What did you do to put a stop to these abuses? congressman?

What did you do to protect our rights? Instead of standing up for the American people. And despite a long standing veto threat from the white house. You re-introduced the cispa bill with mere cosmetic changes & amendments. That you certain to address the privacy and civil rights, concerning the bill’s opponents, but in truth did nothing to solve the threats to our citizens rights and protections posed by the bill. Warrantles wiretapping. Proposed changes under CISPA and PRISM’s activities degrade. If not destroy protection’s guarantee under the 4 amendment of he constitution of the united states of America. The central pillar of the bill of rights.

Your activities threaten to return us to the days of the abuses of the British.
Brits of assistants which were the very bases of the 4th amendment’s creation.

In the text of the amendment unreasonable warrant-less searches and seizure are prohibited. And warrants must be limited in scope as specified as for the courts. After probable cause has been lawfully demonstrated your actions and the actions of those like you have brought us to a dark place in which the 4th amendment are ignored, on a daily bases by federal state and local law enforcement pacing a militarization of the police that it’s present trait has inevitably led us to a police state in which freedoms are completely ignored. Congressman Ruppersberger you have been affiliated politically and financially from the deliberate premeditate erosion of the civil liberties of the American people. You have sworn an oath to protect all in the name of political expedience and self-glorification.
This must stop.

Anonymous will make sure the American people know of your betrayal and your conspiracy to deprive your conscientious and the rest of the citizens of the united states, for their human rights.
For the sake of furthering your political agenda. Rest assured you will not escape the Scurrility of anonymous. We will continue to watch, and, should your mouth feasons continue on abated, such as your resent vote against the Amash amendment, designed to reign nearly (#?) essays of unconstitutional spying activities, we will be sure to expose it to the light of day.

A virus has been detected. Anonymous is working to correct the system failure.

___     ___     ___     ___    ___     ___     ___     ___

~#Greetings congressman Michael Rogers republican representative for Michigan’s 8th district. We are Anonymous.#~

And where did it all start to go wrong congressmen?

Was it your support for the USA Patriot Act in 2001 and its love of warrant-less wire tapping?

Could it be the Patriot Act re-authorization of 2005?

Your monumental vote for the protect America act of 2007 that paved the way for the unconstitutional Prism program?

Was it your re-authorization of the patriot act of 2011?

Perhaps it was your failure to attend reign in the NSA following the Fisa courts eighty six page 2011 opinion that declared that the NSA activities are in violation of the 4th amendment in the 2008 Fisa amendments?

Or maybe it was your disgusting CISPA Act that you ran through the house?

On not one but two occasions despite the fact that it had no chance of being signed into law.

Was it the fact that you devoted against the Amesh amendment that would have stopped the NSA from co-opting the telephone records of hundreds of millions of American again without warrants?

And of course it could have been when you lied in telling the American people that the e-mails of American’s were not being tracked without warrant when the NSA Keyscore makes it clear that is not true.

Regardless of where your crimes begin and end it has been apparent to Anonymous that you take pride in using the constitution and the bill of rights as Toilet Paper your constituent should be ashamed of you and we call upon to them to force you out of office at there earliest opportunity.

___     ___     ___     ___    ___     ___     ___     ___

~#Greeting to you Senator Saxby Chambliss Republican Senator from Georgia.#~

And the time has come for a reckoning for your malfeasance as both a member of the senate and as a congressional representative from Georgia’s 8th district. While serving in the US house of representatives as a member of the house permanent select comity of intelligence you shared the house intelligence sub comity on terrorism and homeland security which oversaw the intelligence inquirer into the September 11th attacks in 2001 and 2002 you naturally used that as a spring board into the senate. running on a campaign of fear to a victory in the 2002 elections and became the ranking republican on the senate select comity on intelligence a member of the Gang of Eight in 201.

This means you are briefed on all intelligence operations and procedures as such you have nearly unrivaled access to information about covert operations and intelligence gathering methods just like your compatriots in the Gang Of Eight that we have previously profiled.

Your voteing record on intelligence is of some note as you clearly favored draconian security measures over freedom and liberty
You voted in favor of USA Patriot Act in 2001 as well as all of its extensions and expansions and the disastrous Protect America Act of 2007 which paved the way for the 4th amendment destroying Prism program and even had the nerve to publicly condemn the recent mash which would have defended the mass collection of domestic telephone records of hundreds of millions of American citizens. Worst of all you will not hesitate to lie and dissemble to protect your position on these matters to quote one of your more public lies about the Prism program
from an interview with George Stephanopoulos:
George :”Would it surprise you if it turns out that what Mr Greenwald reporting on there is true and that low level officials have that kind of capability to read e-mails, internet traffic, listen to phone calls?”

Saxby: “George, It would not just surprise me. It would shock me. I was back at NSA just last week. uhh spent couple of hours out there with high level and low level NSA officials and what I have assured of is that there is no capability at NSA for anyone without a court order to listen to any telephone conversation or to monitor any e-mail.
In fact we don’t monitor e-mails that’s what uhh kind of assures me that uhh the reporting is.. is not correct. because no e-mails are monitored now they used to be but that stopped uhh two, three years ago so I feel confident that uhh that
there may have some abuse uhh but if was it was pure accidental”

This Clearly contradicts what is now known all about the NSA tactics and the Prism program as well as the NSA Keyscore.
Thanks to the leaks by whistle blower Edward Snowden.

And For what reason do you lie about the NSA and its domestic data mining and its surveillance senator?

Perhaps you tell yourself that it is for the greater good?

Perhaps you delude yourself that by circumventing the 4th amendment and the bill of rights your carrying out your sworn duty to protect the united states of America from all threats both foreign and domestic but your financial dis-closer statements tell a very different story. Since the 2008 election cycle you have accepted $840,816 dollars in campaign contributions or bribes.
From defense contractors and NSA collaborators such as.

Northrop Grumman $35,500
Lockheed Martin $24,300
Boeing n/a
Verizon $17,500
ATT $33,000
Raytheon $15,500
L-3 Communications n/a
Microsoft $12,416

In short you are beheld en’ to the those who spy on us with drones, surveillance and our own private data and it is clearly their interest that you are making your priority not ours. Fortunately in January 2013 you announced that you will not be seeking reelection in the 2014 election cycle.

Anonymous has had quite enough of you and will not be sorry to see you go.
If you seek a presidential bid in 2016 we will do everything in our power to ensure you do not succeed.

Farewell Senator Saxby Chambliss and good riddance.

___     ___     ___     ___    ___     ___     ___     ___

~#Greetings, John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Congressman from Ohio’s eighth district.#~

We are Anonymous, and we have been watching you very carefully since you took over the Speakership.

As one of the proud architects of the current Congressional gridlock, you have still found the time to magnanimously allow legislature through that allows our current surveillance state to thrive, such as passage of the various extensions and expansions of the USA Patriot Act, and the Protect America Act of 2007, which enabled the PRISM program to be created.

You recently have gone on record as calling Edward Snowden a traitor to the American people. But what of your crimes, Congressman? What of your refusal to work with your opposition or to rein in the NSA’s out of control activities, in direct violation of the FISA Court’s 2011 opinion in which they found that the NSA was violating both the fourth amendment and the 2008 FISA amendments? Your vote against the historic Amash Amendment is further testament to your agreement that the NSA’s spying on the American people and mass data mining of domestic information are both correct and necessary. As a member of the vaunted Gang of Eight, you were certainly aware of the 2011 FISA court decision, yet you took no action to stop these abuses; by Federal law, all members of the Gang of Eight are required to be briefed on all Intelligence operations, initiatives, and policies for the purposes of legislative oversight, so there is no way you wouldn’t have known about the abuses of PRISM and the NSA tool X Key Score.

And why? Perhaps you view yourself as a patriot. Perhaps you feel that our rights are less important than the illusion of security. Regardless, to find your true motivations, in our opinion, you need only follow the money. And in doing so we find that like your compatriots we have profiled in the Gang of Eight, you have taken large contributions from technology affiliates of the NSA as well as defense contractors such as Microsoft, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, L3 Communications, Raytheon, Verizon Communications, and AT&T. In total, since the election cycle following the creation of PRISM, your campaign committe and leadership PAC have received a grand total of six hundred thirty nine thousand eight hundred fifty dollars in just the last six years alone.

In our estimation, your deliberate flouting of the fourth amendment is tantamount to treason against the Constitution, which you have sworn an oath to uphold and protect. Why have you abandoned us, Mister Speaker? Why have you abandoned your oath to protect us and our civil liberties? Is it merely the money, or is there something darker at the heart of this? As we watch the militarization of American law enforcement with growing horror, we cannot help but wonder where your loyalties truly lie.

It is time for this bastardization of constitutional rights to stop, Mister Speaker, and for you to start doing your job. As with Congressman Mike Rogers, we call upon the Democratic Party to field and fund a true opponent to take you down if you will not start working in our interests, as you have run without serious opposition since taking Federal office, and have even run unopposed on two occasions.

It is time for you to start acting in the interests of the American people, Mister Speaker, or it is time for you to go.

Finally, we find you to be a man of many faces, Speaker Boehner; you are unafraid to send young men and women off to war, yet at the height of the Vietnam conflict, you, a high school football player and, later in life, an avid golfer and outdoorsman, were released from the Navy’s basic training program with a “bad back”. Just how is your back doing now, Mister Speaker? We at Anonymous would really like to know.

A virus has been detected. Anonymous is working to correct the system failure.

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