Operation Facebook

Operation Facebook

After Anonymous was heavily infiltrated by Feds in 2008 and then again in 2012 when all Anonymous used IRCS were infiltrated and turned into honeypots, a motto began that stating that “anyone could be Anonymous”.  The point of this statement was that an Anonymous could be anyone, as no one knows who an Anonymous is.  Your mailman, your dentist, your partner could be Anonymous.  However, this statement was twisted by ignorance to allow a flood of internet users to begin using the title Anonymous.  As a consequence, a great many operations have since taken place, many which do not hold the idea of Anonymous, and some which do.

This is one such operation that, while it upholds the Anonymous idea of the right to privacy and anonymity, is unattainable.  Yes Anonymous abhor how Facebook stores, and sells your data, keeping logs on everything about you.  Like all social media platforms, Facebook is a major contributor to the dissolution of a thinking society – we see the effects of this today.  Facebook and all social media platforms violate all human rights and control and censor all information.  People freely choose to use these things and sign away their souls and freedom.  It is not forced on anyone.  Furthermore, it is simply not possible to hack certain things, such as Fox News, Facebook, Twitter, and the like.  These databases are in so many locations worldwide that no attack that Anonymous do would be able to take them all down.  True Anonymous hold themselves to a higher standard of respect for the collective and reputation of Anonymous than to conceive or attempt an operation that would be 1. against the idea. 2. damaging to the reputation. 3. for personal gain or agenda.

Fake Anons are called out and exposed, but thanks to the feds infiltration, there are now too many of them.  True Anonymous are always able to be spotted by their actions, just as Fake Anons are exposed by them.

There is no Official Anonymous, there is No Leader.  The idea and the Anonymous standards are what keep us, our motives, and our outcomes in check.

Greetings world, we are Anonymous.
There have been rumors of an impending attack on Facebook by Anonymous. This, however, is not true.

Though we do not agree with Facebook’s privacy procedures, we understand that such an attack would not only hurt the people, but also weaken our cause. By the same token, though, there may very well be an attack on Facebook. Anyone can call themselves Anonymous, and do what they will, but the collective will of Anonymous is that Facebook should be left alone. We would ask any such hactivists to not do this attack in the name of Anonymous.

Facebook allows friends and families to connect with one another. Anonymous understand the importance of this. and renew our zeal for freedom. Let us not tarnish our reputation by participating in this meaningless attack.

The Legion has spoken.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us.

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