Operation Darknet

Operation Darknet

October 2011 Anonymous took down a “darknet” site that was providing services for pedophiles. Lolita City was the pedo site targeted. The IP addresses and all personal information about each user (a dox) was then made public and gave to police, as is customary. Anonymous captured the pedophiles’ posts, child pornography, and requests for more. In total, Anonymous crashed 40 child porn sites, which made up for more than 100Gb of material.

“As promised here is the entire user database of the 1589 users active on Lolita City, an darknet trading site for pedos.”

#OpDarknet Release 10/20/2011

In our humble journey into the depths of the ‘darknet’, we garnered much support for this operation and also encountered much resistance. At first most of the Anons never knew much about the ‘darknet’. The only knowledge about underground was from the June 1st, 2011 article by Adrian Chen regarding “The Silk Road”.

On October 6th, 2011 some of us Anon were doing research into encryption and security. The ‘darknet’ sites of TOR, I2P, and Freenode peaked our interest. We were aware that, TOR and I2P where originally designed to protect individuals from the oppressive governments of China, Iran and protect Free Speech.

What we discovered was quite the opposite. An growing and large of community of pedophiles was abusing such systems for personal profit. To demonstrate this, The Hidden Wiki’s “hidden” section, the ‘Hard Candy’ is stated to be:

* This wiki page discusses resources specifically for people who are attracted to children. This can include everything from discussion groups to ostensibly legal images of children in dresses to full-out child pornography. The term children here refers to children and teenagers.

To explain how popular this community of pedophiles is. The total page views of the Hidden Wiki ‘Hard Candy’ section as of October 20th, 2011 is a total 2,055,701. The total view count of main index (non-pedophilia content) of The Hidden Wiki was 2,677,430 time.

From there we Anons were challenged by some of the ‘darknet’ citizens of The Silk Road to try and take out ‘Lolita City’ . Rather than take the risk of accessing content of this underground site, we pointed our special ‘darknet’ web crawlers aka ‘Pedo Bear’ to dump the TEXT content of the first two pages of ‘Lolita City’. From what was analyzed, there were disturbing comments by the pedophilia community stating things like:

“GashTrainer” replied to a picture with the message “Yes and most of the pain should be inflicted on that tight little toddler cunt. That’s where the bitch needs it most.” and another replied to the same comment with “Mmm…toddler rape-meat ready for a good hard fucking.”

Based on that, some of us Anons took a vow to bring down Lolita City, as one of our Anons was a victim of child abuse. So we started #OpDarknet, to reveal to the WWW the perversion and abuse by the pedophilia community to the underground ‘darknet’ community.

We immediately started to developed our own tools called ‘The Legion’, ‘THOR’ or now it is now known as ‘Chris Hansen’. Our first attack was to dump the user database of Lolita City as referenced in: http://pastebin.com/88Lzs1XR. Further analysis of the ‘Hard Candy’ section also revealed that a majority of pornography sites were hosted by Freedom Hosting.

Freedom Hosting has an official ToS of “We do not give permission for upload of any illegal files.” Knowing such we then started our operation against Freedom Hosting. First we compromised Lolita City, and two other pedophile sites on Freedom Hosting and uploaded our ‘The Legion’ script. As an precaution we had four other sites that were created on ‘Freedom Hosting’ for the purposes of hosting ‘Anonymous’ related material.

After running ‘The Legion’ and ‘Chris Hansen’ against Freedom Hosting. We were successful in bringing down the entire Freedom Hosting service for 30 hours. The outage affected 40+ of the Child Pornography sites listed on the Hidden Wiki – ‘Hard Candy’. We then started to broadcast our messages via Twitter of our success.

We then started an #occupyHiddenWiki movement in protest of the community in their refusal to delete CP related material. In the following days, many then started in offering their help our our cause #OpDarknet. Some were responsible for the analysis and ‘dox’ of some of the Lolita City user database dump.

One individual due to personal reasons, decided to include ‘th3j35t3r’ and ‘joepie’ onto the list. This unfortunately cause a lot of chaos and that such individual is no longer involved with #OpDarknet. We have removed references to both th3j35t3r and joepie. Us the original #OpDarknet Anons believe it was an smear campaign by the pedophile community to cause chaos among #OpDarknet. (See: http://pastebin.com/NSDP2rfA)

After the server outages of Freedom Hosting were fixed, we found that Lolita City was not among the deleted compromised accounts we used ‘The Legion’ and ‘Chris Hansen’ against. Also the owner and administrator of Lolita City or now that we assume is also affiliated with Freedom Hosting several times threatened #OpDarknet and the #OWS movements. Chat logs of those conversations can be found at (http://pastebin.com/YHDnL3de and http://pastebin.com/KakWWp7L). Newer chat logs from October 19th can be found at the end of this release.

To prove that #OpDarknet is not a fluke, official reasons for the outages of Hidden Wiki, Lolita City, and Freedom Hosting cause by us Anonymous, were posted on October 19th, 2011 and October 20th, 2011. They are as described:

Hidden Wiki ‘Hard Candy’ section – October 20:
* To the vandals, you vandalize the page 1,000,000 times, we will correct it 1,000,001. It will just go back and forth. We are here to stay. People want to run DDoS attacks over tor and think it hurts us, it does. It is our GOD given right that we can choose to have our sexual preferences for youth. It is the same for the any other porn community. It is not what we choose to become, it is who we are. You Anonymous aka #OpDarknet do not have the right to censor us.

Lolita City – Update Oct. 20
* Just in case it’s not immediately obvious, the link at http://pastebin.com/TDzM5G2y is proof of nothing more than having searched google for some usernames. No private information is present in that document, and there are no signs of infiltration or hacking. In short it’s an attempt to scare less knowledged users by spreading FUD.
* If there is anything worth pointing out here it is that one should not use the same username that is used in public places affiliated with real information. And since no website is hack-safe you should always be careful what you post here, or anywhere else, just in case something bad does happen.
* On a related note, the recent slowness was caused by someone DoS-ing the FH server. A “DoS” attack is not hacking per-se, it just means someone is making lots of calls really fast to the server slowing it down a lot. FH has also stated that a daily backup system is in place which is welcomed news.

Freedom Hosting – 19th October 2011 New Registrations reopened… with a catch.
* Recently FH was the victim of DoS attacks which resulted in unavailability of php or mysql on hosted sites.
* A user registered an account and used it to run extremely slow mysql queries among other things to purposely harm the server.
* For this reason we had temporarily closed the creation of new accounts.
* As this appears to be an ongoing attack for the forseeable future, we have changed our registration system so that to register an account you must be invited by an existing member.
* All existing members who have logged in to their account in the last 2 months have been given 1 invite for each month you have been a member, you can use them to invite others.
* Once we have the system setup (soon), if you cant get an invite you will also have the option to pay a one time fee of about $5 payable in bitcoins.
* We dont really like this solution, but its the only way we can see for continuing to provide this service in the future.
* I would also like to announce that the snapshot based backup system is up and running, backups are made daily and kept for upto 1 month, this will protect against any future data loss due to accounts being hacked.

By October 18th, 2011 the WWW gained attention of #OpDarknet. We were given additional information by Adrian Chen of Gawker regarding the history of ‘Lolita City’ on an Reddit posted 4 months ago.

The WWW started to ask about our tools called ‘The Legion’, ‘THOR’ aka ‘Chris Hansen’. The best way to describe them is to refer at the US patents #5,621,671 and #6,947,978. Many asked if were simply “script kiddies”. No we specifically developed the tools ‘The Legion’, ‘THOR’, ‘Chris Hansen’ in protest of Lolita City, Freedom Hosting, and the Hidden Wiki.

One thing is clear, #OpDarknet did reveal that the benevolent community used to uphold Free Speech against the oppressive governments of Iran and China. It is now corrupted by the underground of trading and sale of Child Pornography aka “kiddie porn”.

Also Anonymous is a leaderless organization. There is only an idea.

#occupywallstreet, #freeanons, #freetopiary, #antisec
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

More Here and Here.

This is an ongoing Operation (as many are).

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