Greetings Citizens of the World !!

We are #OpBeast !!

For almost a year we have been fighting against one of the most vile and inhuman practices in the world. The ability to have sexual intercourse with animals. Originally, #OpBeast solely focused on Denmark (#OpNullDenmark), not specifically about bestiality but also for whaling at the Faroe Islands, euthanasing “surplus” of endangered animals in zoos, as well as a bad reputation for horrendous abattoirs. However, the bestiality laws needed updating and a lot of focus was directed towards it. On April 21st 2015, Dan Jorgenson, Denmark’s Minister of Food and Agriculture, officially passed a law which finally banned bestiality all together, leading to the success and also end #OpNullDenmark.

While Denmark strives to set a modern example by banning any sexual activities involving animals, many other countries around the globe have yet to adopt such steps against such barbaric actions from the stone age ::

Finland, Romania, Hungry, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Cambodian and USA States (Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas,Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming)

We are still in the early days of this new #OpBeast. The team is still researching the wider, global perspective on the subject to form a list of regions. It’s open season on any country that has similar loop holes like Denmark used to. However we will be focusing our efforts on specific countries so that each period of action has a greater impact.

Significantly due to the populations misinformation, many people believe that individuals engaging in zoophilia/bestiality are not to be punished but to be pitied and given therapy. In other words, people think zoophilia is a sexual preference, or a mental illness for which the zoophile/pedophile could not be held responsible.

We can not speak for everybody, but we can say this for certain ::

Although we agree that zoophilia is a mental illness (as is pedophilia), there is a distinct difference between being sexually attracted to entities other than the norm, and being unable to control one’s actions and choices. Those who suffer from this sickness, but choose to get therapy and to fight any urges they have, are not considered a target. Those who choose to rape, exploit and share their experiences to the world …… EXPECT US!!


We Are Anonymous !!
Animal Fukkers Expect Us !!


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