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There is no greater atrocity against animals than experimentation done in labs across the globe. Billions animals are subjected to what could only be described as extreme torture. Poisonings Being burned with caustic chemicals. Subjected to electrodes being planted into the brain. Injected with diseases, chemicals, known cancer agents, etc. Gene manipulation to grow human body parts. Vivisection Electro shocks treatments. Being constrained for periods of time. Living day to day under the stresses of life in laboratories. Being injured in varies ways to view healing processes. Subjected to Laboratory studies of new and potential dangerous drugs. At the end of these trials, most of the animals are killed.
The ones that are not, are forced to live through more torture and unknown fate. All of these animals feel pain, depression, anxiety, worry, helplessness. Some would like to argue that as us humans, need these “studies” done to ensure our survival. To what cost? Have we truly lost our humanity? Is it worth the lives of others to ensue our survival?
The testing, has to end!! The torture of innocent beings must stop!! __________________________________________________________________________________
Contact and Target List of Companies that do animal testing and some practice the disgusting act of vivisection. They need to be held accountable, no living being should ever suffer at the hands of man…
#OpAnimalTesting #BanVivisection #BanAnimalTesting #BoycottCompaniesThatTestOnAnimals

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