OpJustice Steubenville

OpJustice Steubenville

In 2012, Anonymous exposed rapists in Ohio, USA.  A couple of hackers were playing around on websites used by highschool athletes.  Upon digging around, they found a video of a boy boasting about the rape of a girl.  After leaking the video exposing an athlete from Steubenville bragging about the young men who raped an unconscious teenage girl, rallies ensued.  The video went viral and many people were exposed.  The ones who exposed these rapists were the ones who received the jail time…This is what happens to Anonymous Heroes. Job well done. Ops like this: Operations for Justice, continue.

Citizens of the world,
We are anonymous.

Recently some of you may of heard about a cover up, involving rape.

In Steubenville, Ohio, the 16-year old girl was at her girlfriend’s house. Where these two animals drugged her, kidnapped her, and proceeded to transport her comatose body to party after party, raping her both vaginally, and anally as entertainment for the other party goers. They are just two members of the infamous “Rape Crew”, as they call themselves. A bunch of spoiled football players who drug and rape girls in the community. All the while this girl was being victimized, other guys were filming and tweeting pics to their friends. When the coach found out about the incident, he told his players to immediately destroy any documentation of their phones. He is best friends with the Sheriff who opted not to investigate, even though he has jurisdiction. When the girl’s parents went to the Prosecuting Attorney, she told them they didn’t really have a case, and it was just going to be too painful for their daughter to take it to trial. The Prosecuting Attorney’s son is one of the football players in the “Rape Crew”. It goes on and on and on.

The 2 guys are being charged as minors. Rape is an adult crime.
Therefore, they should be charged as adults.

Cody Saltsman was originally charged in the gang rape. After a private back-room meeting at Naples Pasta House restaurant in Steubenville, between Saltsman’s father, the Sheriff, and a certain Mr. Teramana (a wealthy Steubenville resident) — Cody Saltsman’s charges were mysteriously dismissed. Saltsman is a former boyfriend of the victim of this attack, and it appears there is quite a bit of bad blood between them, adding a layer of vengeance, and viciousness that may explain the raw brutality of the attack upon this girl.

Any schools that are scheduled to play them next season should refuse to take the field, even if it means they have to forfeit the games. Send them a message.

Everyone in that community should boycott their games. If you’re going to go, at least protest.

AS many of you already know, anonymous, leaked a video of Michael Nodianos.
Him and his sick friends we’re joking about the rape.
The sheriff said “It’s a disgusting video,” he said. “It’s stupidity. But you can’t arrest somebody for being stupid.” Well, Sheriff, they weren’t laughing about just anything. It was obvious they witnessed something. Once again, he’s protecting these animals.

Michael Nodiano, is 18 years old, and is currently a student at Ohio State University. As the video shows all too graphically, this young man is a sociopath. And needs to be in prison not living it up on a scholarship at college.

So citizens of the world, I ask you, to share this video, and story with everyone you know. Get as much people as you can involved. Eventually, the F.B.I will get involved, if we try hard enough.

What if this was your daughter? Would you just sit here and do nothing? No you wouldn’t. So go out there, and act like it’s your daughter.

Let’s fight for what’s right.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

Dox Here.

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