Life of an Anonymous

What is life like, in Anonymous?


Many of you may wonder what the real life of a person involved with Anonymous is like. Living an Anonymous life is not for everyone as you are unable to tell your friends, family or anyone outside of Anonymous that you are Anonymous. Just as you are never able to disclose your real life identity online and still be Anonymous. Anonymous MEANS ANONYMOUS. It is a secret identity. We have gone deep into the Collective and will reveal many stories of Anonymous and their lives in Anonymous.

Please check back for more Anon stories in this section, as we will add more, as Anons share them.

Wonder no more.


First story of a Life in Anonymous:

Second Story of a Life in Anonymous:

What is life like, as Anonymous.

Truth is the light in the darkness.

We fight against the forces of darkness.

Which can never extinguish the light.

So long as those with the idea,

The light of truth.

Keep shining.

The idea will live on.

Expect it.


Alex Poucher is easy to find-he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut now it’s open.

Twitter: @alexpoucher

Third Story of a Life in Anonymous:

Anonymous is the family she never had.

The nightmares are gone.

The idea is all that remains.

The idea is more powerful than most can understand.

Surviving something puts power on you, not power on the event.

The events are not what she dwells on now.

A Victim gives power to the corrupted.

A Survivor holds all the power themselves.

Her focus is Anonymous.

Anonymous is hope.

The idea never dies.