On May 22, 213, a British Army soldier Lee Rigby, was randomly selected, run over with a car, hacked with a cleaver and stabbed with knives until he was dead, at the hands of by Fundamental Islamists, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. This senseless murder was not the first terrorist incident from radicalized Muslims, however it was a spark that ignited the growing unrest. Protests popped up everywhere, as the propaganda mill began to swirl. The British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, posted a series of Twitter messages blaming “mass immigration” for the attack and called for a protest. The English Defence League members staged a protest at Woolwich Arsenal station, where bottles were thrown at police. Unite Against Fascism mounted a counter-protest, and so on. Naturally, when two completely opposite civilizations attempt to live in the same area, without compromise or integration, the whole thing implodes and terms must be made to condemn natural behavior: Islamaphobia and violence towards Muslims. The EDL is part of the international “counter-jihad” movement. The neo-nazi-esque club tripled its number of Facebook followers in the 24 hours after the murder of Lee Rigby.

On May 28, AnonUK published the personal information of various English Defense League members, and the following message:

Good morning members and leaders of the English Defence League.
We are Anonymous UK.

We have been patiently observing your organization as you have inflated, indoctrinating our young with your criminal mind set. You have capitalized on the misfortunes of our peoples, taking advantage of moments of fear, of terror, and of reconciliation, to spread hatred and animosity towards your fellow man. Your constant belligerence, like a pack of raving ignoramus, furthering only bigotry and segregation.

You have angered us considerably, and summoned our wrath, irrevocably.

Last week, an innocent drummer, Lee Rigby, lost his life at the hands of two vile and demented human beings, in the most horrific and heinous manner ever witnessed on the streets of Britain. This villainous public display has thrown the United Kingdom into mourning. Every community and every congregation, extending their deepest condolences.

You however, have used this as another excuse to further spread your campaign of hate, bigotry, and misinformation, under the guise of “National Pride”. You have instigated crimes against the innocent and incited the subjugation of Muslims. We will not allow your injustices, your lies, and your stupidity, to further radicalize our youth into fearing and despising their fellow man. Our people are desperate for hope in a hopeless society, where our own government neglects us, where society has failed us. It is only natural to seek relatable changemaker. This sort of desperation, this quest for feeling of worth, is what you have taken advantage of.

In this operation we will begin a systematic and comprehensive dissemination of your cult. We will further expose your falsities and your attempts to censor, to your members, to the British public, and to the world as a whole. You will fall.

We can say this with complete confidence.
We are everywhere.

You cannot hide. You cannot win.

We are the voices of all and the voice of one.
It will not happen overnight, but we will be victorious.
We are Anonymous.

We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous UK uncovered pedophilia, racism, and violence in the EDL.
#OpEDL Mass Data Dumps Here and Here and Here.

EDL Responded:

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