Anonymous Protects Children


Anonymous has many operations for Justice, exposing abuse and murder of our youth, our future.  Tom Boden was exposed  See more injustice towards youth here and here. Anonymous fight to...

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Op Steubenville

In 2012, Anonymous exposed rapists in Ohio, USA.  A couple of hackers were playing around on websites used by highschool athletes.  Upon digging around, they found a video of a...

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Operation Darknet

October 2011 Anonymous took down a "darknet" site that was providing services for pedophiles. Lolita City was the pedo site targeted. The IP addresses and all personal information about each...

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Before Pizzagate was overtaken by mainstream propaganda, it was about an elite pedo ring in the USA which involved Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and their child trafficking rings.  As usual,...

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Pedo Base

Greetings fellow Anons, Denmark Anons, World Anons, activists or simple citizens who seek the truth. We have through times seen an increase in fellow humans who d0x pedos on all...

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  Well if you haven’t… Now you have. Operation Purge has been engaged. ZCce6r4PUM8 Every year on April the 25th soul less creatures called pedos celebrate raping children and destroying...

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