Project Chanology

In 2008 Anonymous stepped out from behind their computers and took to The streets in the first ever physical protest.  Formerly an unknown internet hacker collective, Anonymous decided to take on Guy Fawkes masks and protest Scientology. So… Read More

Op Weaving Spider

OpWeavingSpider Fresh off the heels of the one world order meeting known as bilderberg, the next social gathering of elite psycopaths is right around the corner, their annual bohemian grove campout where they will be drinking, taking part… Read More


Before Pizzagate was overtaken by mainstream propaganda, it was about an elite pedo ring in the USA which involved Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and their child trafficking rings.  As usual, it lead to a deeper issue of evil:… Read More

OpJustice Continues ~ Exposing Child Abuse in America

OpJustice is aimed at exposing child abuse in America. Why? Well, one reason (outside of the obvious) is that in 1953 alone $87.5 million was spent on CIA child abuse programs. These programs are actively practiced and enforced… Read More

OpJustice ~ Ops Against Child Abuse and Info

How does Child Abuse really affect the Child? People’s brains develop capabilities suited reflect the world they are raised in. If that world is characterized by threat, chaos, unpredictability, fear and trauma, the brain will reflect that by… Read More

OpWhere’s Waldo

Many of you have been around us long enough to know we focus on two things here: the Elite, and the protection of the future: our children. Anonymous has done a great many operations most of which focus… Read More


  Well if you haven’t… Now you have. Operation Purge has been engaged. Every year on April the 25th soul less creatures called pedos celebrate raping children and destroying the minds and bodies of innocent people. They celebrate… Read More