Operation Egypt

In the struggle to enforce everyone right to information, knowledge, Anonymous launched many operations in many Arabic nations in 2011.  (See a short breakdown here.) Anonymous worked in collaboration with Telecomix, a cluster that uses legal means to… Read More

Operation TitStorm

The Australian government announced that they would start censoring Internet sites in 2010. As Anonymous stands against censorship, they launched a DDoS attack on Australian government websites. This is the main form of attack Anonymous do, as it… Read More

Westboro Baptist

In 2012, after the Westboro Baptist Church announced that they would yet again hold protests at funerals,  (funerals of the Sandy Hook Elementary School False Flag), Anonymous decided they had seen enough with religious-fueled hatred and violence from… Read More

Operation Facebook

After Anonymous was heavily infiltrated by Feds in 2008 and then again in 2012 when all Anonymous used IRCS were infiltrated and turned into honeypots, a motto began that stating that “anyone could be Anonymous”.  The point of… Read More

Op Sony

Anonymous has long enjoyed destroying Sony. Every so often for Christmas, Anonymous takes down the Play Station environment, helping families be families during the short holiday season.  But when did this romance begin? In April of 2011, Sony… Read More


The Tunisian Revolution, which led to the ousting of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, was fought over a number of things, but the main battle was for freedom of speech. Anonymous Tunisian took down eight government websites… Read More


Monsanto is much more than GMOs, they always were, leaving toxic waste grounds in their wake for decades that they have refused to clean. Operation mission is to raise the profile of the crimes committed across societies STATE… Read More


#OpIran short PR English   To the Noble People of Iran  We  know how great you are. You have been killed, jailed, tortured and  silenced by the illegal regime which has hijacked your country for the  past decades,… Read More


Nestle Fraud & Corruption The ‘opNestle’ operation will target the Nestle company globally, but from the information which we have seen, we can claim that the Anonymous collective in The Netherlands will target the Nestle company which is… Read More


We come to you with a story of a loyal anonymous supporter in Romania. Have courage like Dragos to stand up for what is right. Though it cost us everything. Our very lives. We must stand up in… Read More