Animal Abuse

Anonymous Protects Animal Rights

Hawthorne Dog

On June 30, 2013, a Hawthorne, California police officer, Jeffrey Salmon of Torrance, was filmed Here: WDBZr4ie2AE After this video went viral, the world was finally allowed to witness what...

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Greetings Citizens of the World !! We are #OpBeast !! For almost a year we have been fighting against one of the most vile and inhuman practices in the world....

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Greetings citizens of the World. We are Anonymous. For a long time now we have been watching with horror, the cruelty that some members of the human race seem capable...

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There is no greater atrocity against animals than experimentation done in labs across the globe. Billions animals are subjected to what could only be described as extreme torture. Poisonings Being...

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