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Many companies, governments, organizations and people assume they have power over others. Many assume they can abuse the rights of others because they are more powerful.

Anonymous can defeat them all.

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Anonymous fights on all digital fronts, standing against the elite and their agendas.  Maintaining the IDEA that everyone has the right to information, hackers use their skills to expose the corrupt, and to free humanity of censorship and mind control.

Anonymous uphold the idea by exposing corruption and abuse of human rights wherever they are.

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There are many different types of hackers, just as there are many different types of operations and skills.  White-hat hackers are those who work for governments.  Black-hat hackers are those who work for profit. Anonymous are grey-hat hackers who work for the idea, or for the Lulz, and doing nothing for personal gain or profit.

We have collected and will continue to collect Anonymous Operations and details and post them here for your enjoyment.

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