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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed in a 2009 interview to have obtained 5 GB worth of private data from the lost laptop of a Bank of America executive that would embarrass, if not incriminate, BofA executives responsible for shady business practices.

Much later, Anonymous leaked a trove of internal e-mails reportedly sourced from a seven-year employee of the bank on The leak was, as many leaks are, ignored by most, due to the fact that BoA was already in the news for shady loan practices, and the emails exposed nothing that was as revolutionary as the leakers thought (as is the case for many “leakers”).

The documents and emails appear to document a pattern of purposely concealing critical information about its foreclosure and loan-insurance policies, and attempts to delete data that could reveal those policies later.  While unethical, such is the business of the corporate fags. That is why they deserve to be hacked. And hacked they will continue to be.

If only for the Lulz.



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