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Before Pizzagate was overtaken by mainstream propaganda, it was about an elite pedo ring in the USA which involved Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and their child trafficking rings.  As usual, it lead to a deeper issue of evil: the elite’s Luciferian child sex and murder rituals. As expected, after the outcome of the Franklin Files and so many other exposures of hollywood and political elite pedophiles, they continue conducting their ritual child abuse and murder.  The elite are quick to control the narrative and established Marina Abramovic as their shining star of the moment, pumping the public full of Luciferian rituals and pedophelic submessages. When this occurred Anonymous split the operation up into many sub-ops.

OpDynCorp is one of them.

See Info Here.

The information here is intended to convey the reality of the fact that, criminal networks exist and provide access to children for the purposes of sexual exploitation and child pornography to elite clientele in the political and business worlds. These networks often target the most vulnerable populations of children, especially those in state institutions. Oftentimes, these networks are protected by security forces and the legal system because they are a valuable source of blackmail/intelligence, and because the revelation of their clients would be politically problematic. When they are exposed, the full story is almost never told.

DynCorp Crimes by Country


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