In January 2013 Anonymous took on the United States Federal Reserve (which gets hacked a lot). Now we have your attention America: Anonymous’s Superbowl Commercial 4k banker d0x via the FED http://t.co/ABcGMj44 #opLastResort #Anonymous — OpLastResort (@OpLastResort) February… Read More


Much like OpHackingCup, OpOlympicHacking began in 2014, Brazil.  This ongoing operation also targets the big businesses and government organizations which are the only ones to profit from this elite ritual.  These events always leave the towns they are… Read More

Operation Egypt

In the struggle to enforce everyone right to information, knowledge, Anonymous launched many operations in many Arabic nations in 2011.  (See a short breakdown here.) Anonymous worked in collaboration with Telecomix, a cluster that uses legal means to… Read More

Operation Darknet

October 2011 Anonymous took down a “darknet” site that was providing services for pedophiles. Lolita City was the pedo site targeted. The IP addresses and all personal information about each user (a dox) was then made public and… Read More

Operation TitStorm

The Australian government announced that they would start censoring Internet sites in 2010. As Anonymous stands against censorship, they launched a DDoS attack on Australian government websites. This is the main form of attack Anonymous do, as it… Read More

Westboro Baptist

In 2012, after the Westboro Baptist Church announced that they would yet again hold protests at funerals,  (funerals of the Sandy Hook Elementary School False Flag), Anonymous decided they had seen enough with religious-fueled hatred and violence from… Read More

Project Chanology

In 2008 Anonymous stepped out from behind their computers and took to The streets in the first ever physical protest.  Formerly an unknown internet hacker collective, Anonymous decided to take on Guy Fawkes masks and protest Scientology. So… Read More

Operation Facebook

After Anonymous was heavily infiltrated by Feds in 2008 and then again in 2012 when all Anonymous used IRCS were infiltrated and turned into honeypots, a motto began that stating that “anyone could be Anonymous”.  The point of… Read More


In February 2015, Anonymous began attacking social media accounts used by ISIS. GhostSec, attacked ISIS recruiting websites and Twitter accounts. Secs are a semi or fully closed group, while it’s users are unidentified (aka Anonymous) the group is… Read More


In 2014, Anonymous Brazil declared protest of social injustices surrounding the World Cup through a series of DDoS and website defacement attacks. Having made 141 attacks since the start of the World Cup, it was first tweeted in… Read More